Ambulance Driver ...... Hats off to you people

I was walking in a fully traffic jam packed road ,people were blowing horns like crazy. I was Just wondering how would the blowing horn help. All of them were probably trying to run to their respective destinations... suddenly i heard the ambulance horn .... people started making way for the same ..... I felt a rush of emotions pass through me .... The day we were taking my grand dad back to the hospital came right in front of my eyes.... as if all was happening all over again.... I became a worried for who so ever was in the van ... n prayed for him to get well soon.....

when finally the ambulance had gone a thought came to my mind , we get worried by just seeing an ambulance ... Just think about the driver who is driving it. He is inside it with the burden of a life on his shoulder .. n not just once but several times in a day.... its like winning a war everytime mission is accomplised..... he is the saviour for many people.... but still we thank the doctor ...... ???? how ironic.....

dear Ambulance Drivers ...... Hats off to you people



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