Udta Punjabi -- Definitely worth the Fuss

Well for starters after so many controversies and so much drama the Much awaited film has hit the theaters with a Bang .... as for stars this movie has recieved stars some where between 4 - 4.5 Stars

Donts :

The DONT DO DRUGS is written all over the movie after a point it gets too much
As for Shahids Character is not well written the first half is fabolous but second half is bit wobbly
To incorporate Kareena's Stardown story has been compromised on some level
Some tracks do not fit the theme of the movie

Alia Bhatts Character is soaring high after highway she has yet again proved her self
Daljit Doshan - Good acting and provides Authenticity to the story
Shahid Kapoor - Fantastic acting and proves yet again that there is an actor other should fear
As for story Udta Punjab proves to be a well-researched, sharply observed, much-needed, no-holds-barred account of the extent to which the state is mired in drugs and drug-related corruption. Even if you think you know, it is shocking to see the extent of unscrupulousness of those willing to ruin an entire population and even their own families for financial gain.

Alerts : 
Definitely not a movie for Kids should watch 
Some scenes are deeply disturbing 

All in All a must watch film. 



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