42 Days for the wedding Bells

Its 12:08 PM and I am still working on my e-card and it has come out really well, in-fact much better than my expectation. While working on the card I realized I should add this to my blog coz lots of my friends are getting married and this might just help them out a little bit and it will help me be more regular with my updates on my blog !!! So be ready people all you are going to hear for the next few weeks is about my wedding preperation

First of let me start with the amazing website I found where the couples can make beautiful e-cards. Its called  http://www.wedsite.com, they have several different options like Events, RSVP and best of all Guestbook so you can print out all the messages of friends. Not Just that you can get Really Creative with the card and add you pictures … over all they have an amazing concept !! I love it !!

I will be sharing the link to my e-card once I am done with. As of now I will have to get back to the card but soon I will be updating some great homemade face pack's that I have tried and they are amazing !!!

For now
ciao !!



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