Journey has just begun

2 Years Back I came to a beautiful country of Canada and I fell in love with this place. Ofcourse this did not happen immediately it happened gradually, no wait actually I did Fall in love with its beauty the first day I landed on the toronto Airport. I still Remember it was a winter morning actually it was 2 january 2011 9.15 am the day I landed in toronto. There was no snow around but it was snowing slowly and i could see small tiny flurries(small snow balls) falling from the sky and melting even before they were able to touch the ground. I was sitting in the back seat of the car all excited and ready to start my new life ahead, little did I then know how much was packed for me to learn from this white land.

Like every other Indian I expected to see all white people around and everyone busy in their lives but on the contrary it was not at all like that it was a land with all mixed people name a place and you will find people from all across the world. Its is another interesting thing about canada it has a highly global structure and welcome people from all races , colour and ethnicity. The initial few days were very interesting every single day i was learning hundreds of new things. I was surprised to see how strongly people followed the traffic signals even the pedestrians had to follow signals. People held the door open for each other. They would say sorry for every small thing, It was as though politeness is a rule. people waited for there turn with patience. People never blew horns (I did not hear horn for the first 20 days at all). These things were ok something that i expected but the most surprising thing was when i got into a bus and went to pay the fare i saw a lady driver sitting , Yes AN ACTUALLY LADY BUS DRIVER. I felt proud and surprised at the same time.

This was not the only surprise there were time when white people(at coffee shops) would greet me with a NAMASTE when my turn came. Lots of them knew hindi songs and had watched bollywood movies and almost all of them knew " Amitab Bacchan and Sharukh Khan". At this point i would like to add that they actually knew about India a lot more than what I had expected.  They new not only the fact that we have a lot of culture actually loved to knw more about it I would spend hours telling them about it. It was one day during a discussion that one of my friends told me about a big hindu temple close by. Next day I decided to go there with my mom to see it. and it was beautiful and so well organized , everyone knew each other and treated one another with much love and since we were new one of the temple people showed us around. It was interesting to see how people so far from India carried india in their hearts.

Yes it is true the more people are far away from their homeland land the more strongly they hold one to it. The temple was a way over come the feeling of missing home. I met a lot of interesting people that day and learnt a lot new things. I also met the mahant or owner of the mandir and he told me quiet a few interesting things.

I just want to share the experience of different people from India who have lived their lives here and how much do they miss their homeland and mother land. Next week I will be sharing the experiences of mahant ji of the temple that I visited.

Hope to see you guys next week.
Love Somya



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